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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open MRI?
An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan is a test that creates clear images of the structures inside your body using a large magnet, radio waves and a computer. An open MRI is more comfortable than a traditional closed MRI.


Do I need a referral for an MRI ?

Yes, referral will be required from your physician to schedule the MRI.

How do I prepare for my MRI?

No special preparation is needed. Eat normally and take medication as usual, unless your doctor has given you other instructions. You may find it easier to relax if you avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages before the exam.

What do I need to bring ?

You will need your bring a government issued ID such as drivers license, referral and any relevant paperwork from your physician. Our staff will also advise you in advance of your financial responsibilities. Please call our office for additional questions.

How soon will I get my results ?

Report turnaround varies depending upon the MRI being performed. Results are sent to your referring physician usually within 24 hours or less and can be obtained from your doctor's office. We will provide you a CD with the MRI images at the end of the appointment.

I am claustrophobic. Will I be comfortable during the MRI?

Open MRI offers a more comfortable experience than traditional MRI scans. Open MRI does not require the patient to be in an enclosed, large machine. If necessary, the patient can request to have a family member accompany them in the room as long as they pass the screening qualifications. 

What are factors to consider before MRI?

  • Pregnancy

  • Metal Implants

  • Rods or joint prosthesis

  • Pacemaker, cochlear implants

Is Open MRI safe?

Yes, Open MRI is safe as there is no radiation exposure. The magnetic field in the open MRI machine is the same type used in traditional MRI machines.

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